City Networks

Nexans' city network system is a complete system with proven components and solutions.

City networksWhen choosing Nexans' City Network System you also select a partner, who with its own products can provide a both flexible and durable structure. The structure and the extensive range of cables and components guarantee a reliable solution with high scalability for varying settlement and geography. And during the entire installation period you have access to Nexans experienced experts.

Whether starting from scratch or based on an existing structure, Nexans' City Network System gives a structured network. Factors such as the current situation, development needs, desired connection options to the national network or possible interactions with neighboring municipalities can all be factored in when building with Nexans City Network System.

Then, to make the best choice of installation and installation methods and choose the right cables and components, will be easy. Nexans City Network System allows you to choose solutions that utilize building space, land, air and waterways. In an urban environment as well as in "open country".

Connects small and larger towns
Nexans City Network System is equally applicable to urban and rural municipalities. The system always considers municipality built around a central town, and around the central town there are other smaller towns. All towns are interconnected in the connection network.

When the town is well connected it is important to spread the net further. At this level, the network's design depends on whether you have chosen to manage the networks centrally or area by area. Nexans City Network System can handle both.

In the city's outer branches many different variations arise depending on the complexity of the mixture of urban density. With Nexans City Network System it is easy to split and dimension the number of connections and their capacity.