CPR classification

The old fire classes for cable – F1, F2, F4A, F4B and F4C – will be replaced by new classes. The new classes are based on heat release, flame spread, smoke production and droplet formation, rather than flame spread alone as in the old rules.

The new classification scale is from A to F, in which F burns immediately and A provides the best protection. E in the new scale corresponds to the old Swedish minimum requirement F2.

CPR Klassificering

Class D in Sweden

As far as Sweden is concerned, the cables will be manufactured to be compliant with class Dca, s2, d2. However, classification requirements vary depending on the building For a full list, see Boverket’s building classes via the link to Selcable on the right.

For example the fire class for cables in blocks of flats or public buildings will be class D with supplementary requirements s2 d2, offering greater protection than the existing class F2. The new requirements relate primarily to flame spread and also smoke density and falling burning droplets. This means that only halogen-free cables are capable of meeting the requirements.

CPR Classes Sweden_455