Online tools for smoother CPR transition

Some time ago, we launched Nexans Tracker, an online tool in which you find our products' DoPs. Now, we have developed a CPR Converter, where you with the touch of a button will find the right CPR product.

Find the right CPR product with our CPR Converter
Our cables keep their product names, but receive new e-numbers. To facilitate this transition, we have developed a CPR Converter, where you can search by product reference, e-number or product name to find the correct corresponding CPR product. Our CPR Converter is available on our website (and soon also in Nexans' app).


Find DoP's in Nexans Tracker
For each approved CPR product, a so-called declaration of performance (DoP) that summarizes all information about the product and its certification, is required. Via the tool Nexans Tracker, available on our website, you can easily and smoothly find all our declarations of performances.

If you have questions about CPR and what it means, you'll find useful information on our website: All you need to know about CPR

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