Robust cables for heavy situations.

Titanex cableRubber cable is subjected to varying and tough environments and must be robust, durable and flexible at the same time. Our rubber cable TITANEX® is easy to handle and can handle the toughest conditions. But, how good is TITANEX®? To find out, we put TITANEX® through the cable survival challenge. Watch the film below.


Some of the benefits with TITANEX®

Flexible and easy to work with

TITANEX® is flexible and easy to work with and suitable for all mobile and fixed installations.

Robust for heavy situations

TITANEX® is one of the most robust* rubber cables in the industry for both indoor and outdoor use. Tests have shown excellent resistance to vibrations and abrasion.
*Tested to withstand 5 times the 30 000 continuous cycles required by the standard.

Lasting and clear labeling

TITANEX® marking lasts 4 times longer compared to the industry standards, ensuring that the cable can be used time and time again.For ease of installation, the number of cores and cross-sections size are enlarged.


Watch the film!