Smart heating saves money

By investing in woodchip burners, Nexans will not only reduce its emission of carbon dioxide, but also save energy and money.

To reduce its carbon footprint, Nexans replaces its oil boilers with woodchip burners, an investment of  1 million Euros, which both saves energy and enables Nexans to recycle end-of-life wood drums and pallets.

Annika Hedebark - Nexans"Every year we pay around 10 000 Euro for somebody to take it away to recycle. From an environmental standpoint this is infinitely better: We will recycle it ourselves, we heat our facility in the process and we don´t have to pay for it to be taken away", says Annika Hedebark, HSE Manager at Nexans Sweden.

The idea of exchanging the oil burner for a woodchip burner was born more than ten years ago. Last year Nexans applied for and received governmental support from Klimatklivet, the Climate Leap.

"By 2050 Sweden will be fossil free. At least that is the objective of the Swedish government. And to help companies adjust and make the transition the government supports companies investing in renewable energy. Klimatlivet pays around 45 percent of the cost for the woodchip burner project and Nexans the rest", says Annika Hedebark.

The two woodchip burners, with a power of 1.25 MW each, will start up in early December. 

In connection with the investment in the woodchip burners, Nexans has also signed a new electricity agreement, which means that the company's other electricity consumption from 1 July 2019 will come from renewable energy sources.

Flisning pågår hos Nexans
Turning residues into woodchip.
Nya flispannan installeras på Nexans
The new woodchip burners were installed in October.


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