CPR-class for cables to the building is both safer and more cost-effective

Nexans is alone in the market to advocate fire-class cables all the way in into a property. The main reason for using fire-classed cables are of course to minimize the risk of fire spread. The result will also be a cost-effective solution.

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According to Boverket's previous regulation, maximum allowed unclassified cable length into a building was 5 m, since the new regulations mean an extension up to 20 m, it is even more important to use CPR-classified cables. Fire-classed cables that do not spread fire is both more cost-effective and more secure.

Now that the connection point into a building is allowed to be 20 meters, you get an increased security with fire-classed cables. Nexans fire-classed cables AXQ Infra, EXQ Infra and FXQ Infra do not spread fire. This increases the chance of getting out if something happens. They also have the same performance as standard cables and they are soft and easy to work with.

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