Nexans at FTTH Council Europe conference

February 15-16, 2012, Munich, Germany



 FTTH Council

2012-02-08 – Nexans is Gold Sponsor of the FTTH Council Europe 2012. The Group will present dedicated, innovative and field proven KINOPTIC solutions for mass-market deployment. Visit our booth and discover how to build your FTTH network using smart KINOPTIC solutions.

Save the date of Ferbyary 14:th to attend our 2 conferences during the Pre-conferene workshops:

  • "How to build a maintainable FTTH Network"
  • "How Smart Packages bring smart access over fiber"


-Renard Xavier, Product & Marketing Department Manager, Nexans.
"How to build a maintainable FTTH Network"

 -Jörgen Persson, Product Manager Cabinets & Closures, & Thomas Björkståhl, Product Manager Fiber-optic Cables, Nexans
"How Smart Packages bring smart access over fiber"

How to find us? G#08  

För G# 08. se (Download Hall layout)

Nexans conference
Session 12: Voice of the Industry
Room 13

Sebastian Schick, Sales Manager Utilities & Operators, Nexans
"Potentials & Synergies for DSOs in Energy and Telecommunication Network Enlargement Activities"

ICM – International Congress Centre Munich
Messe München GmbH
81823 Munich

Exhibition opening hours 
15 February: 08:45 - 19:00
16 February: 08:45 - 18:00

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