Enhanced jumpers for high-speed trains

Dynamic flexibility

This cable with a silicone-rubber sheath contains power, control, coaxial, and data cables to transmit energy, control signals and data between high-speed train coaches. Instead of halogen-free polyolefin, silicone endows it with high dynamic flexibility and enhanced fatigue and abrasion resistance.

Avoid shake, rattle and roll

Jumper cables with a flame-retardant polyolefin sheath are a safe and time-proven product; however high-speed trains require exceptional performance. Tested and approved in China’s for rolling stock, Nexans silicone rubber cables deliver 500,000 cycles.

Rubber wrapper

The qualification body asked us to provide a consolidated jumper cable containing 11 different sizes of cable (9 power cables and 2 data cables) which could endure a half-million cycles of movement while maintaining excellent transmission characteristics. High-flex silicone was the best solution. However, all cables had to be sheathed without melting the polyethylene-insulated cores of the data cables.

Multiple applications

This innovative manufacturing process can also be applied to all thermal plastic cables (such as foam polyethylene), especially where short lengths are needed, from three to four meters long. Not only are these cables used on high-speed trains, they could also be used for metros and people movers, or other applications which combine energy, control and data in dynamic conditions. We are getting a steady stream of orders from rolling stock customers in China, and foresee the eventual use of dynamic cables in other markets, like robotics, assembly lines, machinery, and material handling.