Nexans fights crime with Peruvian utility

Power rip-off

Because power robbery is a costly issue in Peru (80% losses in some areas), a local utility developed a system that causes an automatic shutdown when the cable is attacked. The key to success was a new screen design, co-developed by Nexans and the local utility.

Dramatic arrest

We have run anti-theft stories before, in Brazil in 2006 and 2008. Now, it’s Peru’s turn to take developments a step further. By partnering with a local utility, we have contributed to a solution that can bring down power robbery from 80% to 30%.

Coordinated operation

Our customer tested several anti-theft systems that proved to be unsatisfactory. A new version looked promising: not only did it automatically cut power on the line; it pinpointed the intrusion. They initially ordered cables from us, but without design information. These cables were inadequate, and so we organized joint technical meetings to study how their system worked. We realized that the screen design was the main component in the system. So we found a new way to combine polyester, aluminized foil, grounds conductors and pilot wires.

Customer concentric

Our new concentric cable design allows our customers to protect their grid. It is now practically impossible for thieves to siphon off electricity from the network. Our customer is the main beneficiary, but so are their customers, who were subsidizing fraud. Our customer informed us that this successful experience will be spread along his group's grapevine. Our relationship with a them has been strengthened by showing them that not only are we cable experts, were are also customized solution finders focused on the customer.