Nexans in top 50 on Innovation Hit Parade charts

Repeat performance

For the third year in a row, Nexans has made the list of France’s top 50 companies for the number of patents filed in the previous year. This list is published every year by France’s National Industrial Property Institute (INPI). In 2013, Nexans ranked number 27.

Dynamic achievement

This achievement shows that even a company that is not a Silicon Valley heavyweight can achieve an extraordinary patent record, proving that cable can be a “high-tech” product. The feat is a tribute to Nexans’ technical dynamism and commitment to creating valuable intellectual property (IP).

On behalf of the customer

Owning patents is not a goal in itself, but stems from a desire to give our customers innovative, high-performance solutions. We dedicate significant effort to this end that goes far beyond our 1.2%-of-sales commitment to R&D. It is only natural that we want to protect our inventions; that’s what patents are for. We use our patents to serve our customers. To achieve this goal, Nexans has a well-honed Intellectual property procedure and policy. We also keep abreast of best practices by doing regular audits with outside experts.

Treasure trove

Our patent portfolio (650 families, 2,600 patents) is reviewed regularly to ensure that the patents we maintain are relevant and useful. The main beneficiary is the customer, who is assured a level of performance and quality that cannot be met by low-cost imitators with inferior performance. By protecting our know-how, IP also gives us the means to continue developing ever better solutions, thanks to our 600+ technical staff. Patents are the foundation of our growth, and the source of the products and services of tomorrow.